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Here in Wisconsin and Minnesota, there are many yard services to choose from, but with a great company that takes pride in what they do, we can give you that beautiful eye-catching lawn tailored to your needs that you’re looking for.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We keep up with the regular maintenance of your lawn. It’s important to know that we guarantee that your lawn will be maintained the way you like. 

Our Lawn Care Services

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Care Application

Mechanical Aeration

Over Seeding & Power Seeding

Grub Control

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Tree Injections

Dethatching Fall CleanUp

Lawn Care Done Right

Do you have patches of dead grass?

Read on...

If you do spot areas of dead grass you may have problems with grubs. They feed off the grass roots causing the grass to die off. If this is not treated, more grubs can hatch later in the summer, which can cause more issues. Once winter hits they will burrow into the ground and return for the following years unless treated.

Tree Trunk Injections

Safe & Effective

Did you know Minneapolis is using this method, along with other cities, to save thousands of trees? Trunk injections are the most effective way of fighting off pests. The formula created is released into the tree and distributed through the vascular system, making it a safe, effective and spray-free method.


MN 651-212-3208
WI 715-307-7101

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